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Spring 2001

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  • Peter Pistanek wrote Rivers of Babylon among others, now he writes the Ode to a region - page 1

  • On page 3 begins the story of Jacques Boursaud... "1875 Grande Champagne followed by an 1830 Fins Bois."

  • The mystery or the myth of Carbon 14 dating - on page 5

  • Introduction to ORECO begins on page 1

  • Simon Palmer shares his Concours Mondial du Vin experiences - page 7

  • A Gascon in Cognac, from Armagnac to Grande Champagne on page 8

                                 Guest column Editor's note: Peter Pistanek lives and works in Slovakia. He is a well-known writer whose books are made into movies, connoisseur of spirits, excellent cook and a walking encyclopedia of music.

Ode to a region

It is not an easy task to say which one from the countries and regions I ever visited in my life seems to be the most beautiful to me. I never tried to pick one.

I love the blue meadows and remote distilleries of amiable and hospitable Kentucky, and I feel like a fish within its pond at the beautiful countryside of Scottish Highlands or Speyside.

I enjoy to cool down in the stone-cold bodegas in Jerez, and my eyes are always pleased watching the green vineyards’ slopes of Tokay region in my native country.        continues Guest column page 2


ORECO (Organisation Economique du Cognac) founded in 1932 this company is in general totally unknown outside the region but equally as well known within.

From humble beginnings with 250,000 liters pure alcohol in stock its 128 cellars now contain over 40,000,000 liters pure alcohol, roughly 12% of the regions total stock and it employs a staff of 46 and registered turnover of FRF45,520,432 for the 1999/2000 financial year. continues ORECO page 2

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