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Spring 2001

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For Jacques the second vintage displayed what he calls “le goût de verre” or bottle taste, which is the result of a prolonged period in glass and which, disappears progressively with aeration. When asked if the spirit produced today will create the same treasures given time he is dubious, citing production techniques whose scale has changed, as has the variety of grapes being used.

Following Jacques’ kind invitation a far more extensive tasting of vintage Cognacs will take place soon. Simon Palmer news, contacts, tastings

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The Charente people are racy. Although they are not what we call "seafaring race", their eyes and faces have that characteristic adventurous and conquering attribute of old seamen. Although most of Charente region is a wavy flat, the people here remind me of people from high mountain region: they are amiable, heartfelt, helpful, frank, spirited, yet cautious. For the centuries they used to find a helping hand only at the end of their own shoulders. This made them unfailing while facing any catastrophe, like for example phylloxéra at the end of the 19th century, or the dramatic decrease of cognac sales in recent era. Well, they always took to work hard to make their living, but, on the other hand, they are exceptionally generous. True highlanders, living at their green hills of vineyards!

What more to say about those beautiful people? Someone could be disappointed that they are extremely less easy to be taught new tricks. But we should keep in mind that they were guarding an ancient artistry and have preserved it almost unchanged for centuries. And they guarded it very well – just have a sample!

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Their often rather modest houses surrounded by the vineyards hardly remind the proud and monumental chateaux of not-so-far-from-there Médoc, yet their chais are sheltering the precious amber-colored water of life that is much better than any liquid matter you could find elsewhere around the world.

That’s why I love the region, the people and their spirit (pun intended). That’s why I will be always there with a certain part of my heart, even when sitting in my study in far-away Bratislava. And that is why I’ll always love to come back there, to the lovely banks of the Charente river, as to my second home. Peter Pistanek

Top 15 Countries

Year 2000 Bottles sold in equivalent millions

USA 39.3
UK 10.8
France 8.3
Germany 7.1
Japan 6.5
Hong Kong 5.1
Singapore 5.0
Norway 3.5
Finland 3.2
Taiwan 2.8
Netherlands 2.8
Ireland 2.6
Belgium 2.4
Malaysia 2.1
Denmark 1.6
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