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Spring 2001 No.1

Letters to Editor

..."I live in Cognac, my business is Cognac. I sometimes look at Torula (News) and ask myself "where did he find this news?, the site gives news we don't have, even in Cognac..." email 10/04/01

..."Hello, my name is Don and I just spent three years in Germany and recently returned to the US. I am trying to find a place that imports a specific cognac wine that I purchased in Germany last spring.  I would appreciate any
information you may be able to provide. The label on the bottle is as follows..." email 05/04/01

..."we did check Torula News as usual and I must say that I was impressed by your quick update on France, thanks & congratulations..." email 27/03/01

"I think that it is definitely one of the best books on Cognac... It is merely like a bible - to be always somewhere close to one and ready not only to offer comprehensive information on demand, but also to serve simply as a good lecture, just for fun. The book is warm, wise and witty - as a good cognac"email 7/05/01guidemcp3glasses.jpg (4424 bytes)Cognac An independent guide to the people, the product and the region

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Recent Events

Concours Mondial April 2001 The “Concours Mondial” 2001 took place in Brussels from the 8th to the 10th of April. Once again a very international group of tasters – 145 in all from 33 countries with particularly strong contingents from Belgium and France enjoyed Belgian hospitality orchestrated by Louis and Baudouin Havaux. Journalists were well represented, Louis Havaux is after all President of the International Wine Writers and Journalists Association (FIJEV).

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In all 3008 samples of wine and 120 spirits were tasted by 5 judge panels, the top third getting medals whose color is determined by the median score obtained using the fairly complex score sheet recommended by the Union Internationale des Oenologues. Spirits panels, bearing in mind the diversity of products presented, were allowed a little more liberty in deciding on those medals decreed. Among the more exotic samples were eau-de-vie distilled from Barbary figs and Japanese Sweet Potato Shochu.

In all 14 Cognacs were up for judging with Château de Beaulon vintage 1976 being awarded a grand gold and best spirit of the show. The pick of the Armagnacs was Château de Martet Bas Armagnac 1978. In an excellent series of “vieux rhum agricole” it was the St James Hors d’Age which ran out the winner. Full results are available at Simon Palmer

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